Willie Harris on clubhouse, missing DC

“The (Mets and the Nationals) are a lot different. You know, over here in New York it seems as if everything is somewhat segregated, guys stick to themselves pretty much. In DC, it was more unified. It’s different each place you go. I’m trying to get accustomed to it. I really miss those guys on the other side. I miss playing here in DC, I miss the fans, and wish them the best only except when they’re playing against us.”

~ Willie Harris, last night, talking to MASN

I don’t blame him for missing DC. I miss DC too (I lived there for two years). Also, it’s understandable that he’d miss ‘those guys,’ because he played with them for three years. That’s cool. I get that. What’s odd to me is the comment about how the team’s clubhouse is ‘segregated,’ and ‘guys sticking to themselves,’ especially since we’ve heard and read so much about how good the clubhouse chemistry has been this year.

Updated at 4:02 pm:

In the last hour, I’ve heard from different fans and people with the team pointing out how groups of players spend plenty of time together. In fact, yesterday, a small contingent toured a handful of National monuments. Also, I don’t think Harris was using the term segregated in a racial way, so much as saying it’s individualistic (which is why I changed the headline). Either way, this quote simply reads to me like someone who has yet to bond with his teammates. I wonder how he’ll feel in, say, a month, or two months?