Will RA Dickey be on the Mets in 2011?

Twitter.com 2010-8-19 10-39

Actually, Dickey is eligible for arbitration next season, after which he will be a free agent… and so, technically, he is under contract for 2011.

I don’t know how the Mets intend to proceed with him.  The reality is, they have him for next year, and so the question is: will they tender him a contract, cut him or offer arbitration.  I wonder if Dickey will take a bit less than he’s likely to earn in arbitration, but with a guarantee for a second season?

From his point of view, at 35 years old, Dickey would get guaranteed money for two seasons, as opposed to gambling that his good fortunes continue… all while the Mets get a versatile, unique, successful pitcher at a bargain rate.

By the way, according to our old friend Elliot Smilowitz, “Dickey is currently less than an inning shy of qualifying for the ERA title.  Assuming he makes his next start and pitches at least 5 innings, he will then be eligible for the ERA title.  His 2.41 ERA would rank him 6th in the National League and 7th in all of the Majors.”