Will Byrd and Parnell get traded?

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Right now, sitting here, hearing what I’m hearing and looking at the overall market, my gut feeling is Marlon Byrd and Bobby Parnell will both be on the Mets after the July 31 Trade Deadline.

“It’s not likely they’ll get traded, but anything is possible,” a source familiar with the team’s situation recently told me.

Marlon Byrd 1 polaroidThat’s vague. But it’s also true.

There are teams interested in Parnell, specifically the Red Sox and Dodgers, other insiders say. However, the Mets need a closer for this year and beyond, and Parnell is inexpensive and succeeding in his new role. Also, he could be used as part of a package that gets a big bat this winter. So, it makes most sense to keep him through this year.

Byrd will be traded if a team “overpays.” If that happens, it’ll probably be a team that loses out on — or doesn’t feel like paying a premium for — White Sox OF Alex Rios.

As much as Sandy Alderson wants to stockpile prospects, he also wants to win and sees value in finishing this season strong. There is something to be gained from positive momentum entering this winter and having his organization in a place where fans, players, media and outside talent see the Mets heading in the right direction. Byrd and Parnell can help them do that in the second half.