Why do Mets fans dislike Luis Castillo?


So, despite listing obvious reasons why this might not be the case, Andy Martino of the Daily News can’t help and wonder if the reason you don’t like Luis Castillo is because you’re a racist.

Seriously, he wrote this in a newspaper.

Look, like so many other corners of society, I’m sure race can impact how some people view baseball players. I don’t doubt that, but those same people probably use those same goggles when viewing lots of things. And so, I can’t wait for Martino’s race-based story about why so many Mets fans disliked Doug Sisk and Kevin McReynolds and Jeff Kent, or why they turned on Tom Glavine? That should be a fun read. I also look forward to the one about why so many fans love Jose Reyes, and sing his name in chorus every time he steps to the plate. I mean, if race is factor, why did so many Mets fans like Castillo when he was acquired in 2007, played terrific defense and got on base 37% of the time? Did these same Mets fans just happen to become racist over time, unbeknown to them? Did the race switch only get flipped on after he dropped the pop-up against the Yankees? If so, why did it take so long?

Or, instead of skin color, could it be because Luis is 35 years old, overpaid and a shell of his former self, and a guy who had the unfortunate luck of making an iconic error and now finds himself a symbol for Omar Minaya’s aggressive attitude towards quick-fix, patchwork contracts, much of which dug the hole the team is in today?