Wheeler on Harvey Day in Atlanta? Alderson says it is likely…

Zack Wheeler will likely make his major-league debut in one of the double-header games against the Braves on July 18 in Atlanta, Sandy Alderson all but confirmed today while talking to WFAN.

“That probably has some accuracy,” Alderson said about reports of Wheeler’s potential start date.

Alderson acknowledged that Matt harvey is also scheduled to pitch that day, though rain outs could impact one or both scheduled starts.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

10:20 am: The buzz from Citi Field suggests Wheeler will likely make his big-league debut for the Mets in Game 1 of a double-header in Atlanta next Tuesday. It will be a noteworthy day, because Matt Harvey is scheduled to start that day’s second game.

I had been writing for weeks that this might be the day Wheeler makes his debut, but I never imagined it would come on the same day that Harvey is pitching. I can’t wait. I hope this goes through. I’m in dire need of something interesting to happen to this team. I prefer lots and lots and wins in a row. But, if that can’t happen right now, I’ll take seeing Wheeler’s debut on Happy Harvey Day. I like the sound of that.