What’s on Tap for Wednesday, August 13

The Mets (57-63) continue their three-game series against the first-place Nationals (64-53) on Wednesday at Citi Field at 7:10 p.m. ET.

Bartolo Colon (11-9, 3.97 ERA) will get the the start for the Mets, opposed by Jordan Zimmermann (7-5, 3.96 ERA) for Washington.

In case you missed it…

Rafael Montero was roughed up as the Mets were blown out by the Nationals, 7-1, on Tuesday night at Citi Field >> Read more at MetsBlog, ESPN, MLB.com, Newsday, New York Post and Daily News

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Jacob deGrom, who was recently placed on the DL with rotator cuff tendinitis, said he hopes to begin throwing in five to six days and miss just two starts >> Read more at MetsBlog

Triple-A RHP Noah Syndergaard tossed 6 1/3 innings on Tuesday night for Las Vegas. He allowed three runs on five hits, walked two and struck out eight.


So close yet so far.  

Nick Antinarella
Nick Antinarella

Unless the Mets are 3 games back of the WC chase, posting the standings is pointless.


120 games marks the 3/4 point of the season.  Mets wins through 120 games the last few years:

2014: 57

2013: 56

2012: 57

2011: 58

2010: 60

2009: 56

The Mets have been over 70 wins through 120 games six times in their history: with Davey Johnson in 1985 (73 wins), 1986 (79) and 1988 (71); with Bobby Valentine in 1999 (73) and 2000 (71), and with Willie Randolph in 2006 (72).  In 1962, the Mets had 30 wins through 120 games.  


Consider the following:

-Degrom on the DL and coming up on an innings limit

-Colon, the team leader in innings is overweight, 40 and already over 150 innings

-Wheeler is heading into uncharted territory for himself

-Niese looked better with the bad nose and good arm, not vice versa

-Harvey is collecting frequent flyer miles

-Montero is a definite work in progress

-No money in the budget to fly Snydergaad cross country. (He'll join the team when we go to Oakland on the 19th...much cheaper that way)

In light of all thats above, we should continue to hope for, and somewhat expect, a good draft pick! 

Eric Slater
Eric Slater

@birtelcom  If not anything else, the Mets certainly have been consistent over this period of time...

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@shea  Haha that last part about Syndergaard made me laugh.  And if I were Alderson, that's the exact reason I would give.

Reporter:  Sandy, what made you decide to make the move to bring up Syndergaard today?

Sandy: Well, we were going to bring him up last week, but flying him to Oakland instead of New York saved us $238.72, so we felt the wait was worth it.