What can Jose Reyes return in trade?

Www.google.com 2010-9-15 9-20Ken Davidoff of Newsday talked to an official from another National League club who believes the Mets could get ‘one really good prospect, one solid prospect, and one or two medium-range prospects’ in return for Jose Reyes.

I agree with Davidoff and the team official that if the Mets were to trade Reyes, David Wright and Francisco Rodriguez (plus cash), they could bring in enough high-quality, young talent in one off season to make a real difference for the future.

The thing is, damn that’s bold.  Also, who is overseeing those trades?  To me, before something like that is even considered, and I can’t imagine it ever will be, but if it is ever to be on the table, the Mets better have the smartest GM in team history at the switch, because there would be no room for error.