Weekend Review: #Mets Hot Stove News, Rumors

In case you missed it, here is a look back at Mets-related Hot Stove talk from this past weekend…

  • The MLB General Managers meetings are this Wednesday through Friday > MetsBlog
  • Scott Hairston, Jon Rauch, Ramon Ramirez, Ronny Cedeno, Kelly Shoppach, Tim Byrdak and Chris Young all became free agents Saturday.
  • The Mets seem more likely to trade for a catcher than sign a free agent > Jon Heyman
  • The Mets could go after Cody Ross, according to multiple baseball officials, in the event they free up money by trading one of RA Dickey or David Wright > New York Post
  • However, Ross could instead be interested in signing with a team out west, despite also being pursued by the Red Sox, Yankees, Phillies and Braves > Boston Globe

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Mike Baron does a good job detailing the purpose of the GM Meetings in the next post. However, as someone who has blogging about the Mets for nine years, I can say that each year more and more hot stove rumors come out of these meetings. It used to be nothing, but ever since sports media moved from telling complete stories in print to live blogging minute-by-minute movement on Twitter, every conversation between GMs, every bit of eye contact or slight suggestion seems to become a ‘rumor,’ or the ‘start of a story.’ This isn’t a complaint, so much as my annual reminder to you that not every rumor means a deal will happen, nor does it mean a rumor was false if a deal doesn’t happen. Also, the absence of a rumor doesn’t mean inaction. Instead, simply think of it all for what it is, which is the “Hot Stove,” a place to get fun, odd and interesting baseball ideas to debate through a cold winter…