Mets want a monster package for Dickey, offering 2-year deal

The Mets want a ‘monster package’ for R.A. Dickey, which is likely a few high-end prospects, major leaguers, outfielders and catching help, Andy Martino says in today’s Daily News.

According to Martino, citing a high-ranking MLB executive, if the Mets don’t get this level return, they’re probably not going to trade him.

In case you missed it this past weekend, the New York Post said the Mets and Dickey have been discussing a two-year contract extension, though Dickey is looking for more than $10 million a season.

On Saturday, Martino said Dickey is willing to accept less than $29 million for two years.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I said last week that the Mets were not being offered as much as they hoped in a deal for Dickey. I also said last week that the Mets are likely offering Dickey a two-year deal, probably worth around $10 to $12 million a year. I have been under the impression Dickey is seeking at least three guaranteed years to start after 2013. The above reports now have me wondering if that third year is an option. If it is, that sounds like a fair deal to me. In total, it would mean Dickey is guaranteed around $30 million over the next three years (with an option), which sounds like a deal he could get this winter on the open market. I hope this works out.

In other words, which is more valuable to the Mets: a basket of mid-level prospects, who are years away, and who may or may not pan out, or Dickey for there years at $30 million? That’s the equation, and it’s understandable the Mets (who are shooting for 2014) would prefer Dickey. It’s also understandable that Dickey would prefer to take slightly less, because who knows what 2013 has in store for him. I mean, if he were to gamble and not sign an extension, but be a bust in 2013, the market will treat him as a fluke. He’d be smart to get as much as he can now and take solace knowing his family is taken care of for many, many years.

Today, I’m going 55-45 he signs an extension and is here on Opening Day.

Last Friday, Sandy Alderson told Newsday that he would like some clarity on Dickey’s and David Wright’s possible contract extensions before the start of the Winter Meetings, which begin Monday, Dec. 3.