Hittracker Online: Citi Field has NL's 3rd best HR rate

(Data courtesy of Hit Tracker Online)

Although the Mets hit eight home runs during the six-game homestand, there seemed to be so many more that should have gone out but fell short, especially to right field.

Despite these early season numbers, I’m starting to think the Mo’ Zone should be brought in and at least make the dimensions like they were at Shea Stadium.

Added to by Matthew Cerrone:

I agree with this. I do think the front office will have serious conversations about lowering the wall in left field, and making right field a bit more traditional. I have no idea if they’ll actually make moves, but I’m pretty sure it will be discussed in detail yet again.

So long as we’re on the subject, I’d love for them to figure out how to add a bit more space to the foul territory in the outfield. I see too many outfielders laying up and altering their routes to avoid crashing in to the wall, and I feel it messes with the true play of the game (for both teams).