Dan Warthen likely back in 2014

Dan Warthen, Matt HarveyThe Mets will likely ask Dan Warthen to return as their pitching coach in 2014, team insiders told Andy Martino of the Daily News.

“Dan does a great job,” a source told Martino. “If our pitchers don’t succeed, it is because they don’t execute a pitch. It is never because Dan Warthen failed to prepare them.  He works hard at what he does.”

According to Martino, Warthen is well-liked by most of the team’s the pitchers and he has strong support in the front office.

Michael Baron, Contributor

A lot of fans have been down on Warthen over the years, but in the end, the results have been mostly good with his pitching staffs.

I’ve heard how well Warthen is liked among the pitching staff. They feel he’s approachable, and he relates well to each individual. There’s also value in his knowledge of these young pitchers – to maintain that continuity is important, and that knowledge would be difficult to replace with someone else.

As an outsider, it’s clear many of the pitchers have grown under his watch. Sure, there have been pitchers who have struggled over time and there have been peaks and valleys for some. But for the most part, many of them, including those which are still here and those which have departed, have found success working with him.

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