Backman is leading candidate, wait, no he Isn't

Updated at 11:05 am:

According to Adam Rubin of the Daily News, “Wally Backman is expected to get an interview for the New York Mets’ managerial vacancy, but he’s highly unlikely to actually be the person selected.”

Original Post at 10:07 am:

Last night, Jon Heyman of said on Twitter that he would be shocked if Sandy Alderson hires Backman, as it will show right away that he isn’t running things, “and I don’t see him doing that.”

I think Healey is referring to my post yesterday, when I said, “In listening to people connected to the team, I’m starting to think Backman’s chances of ending up with the top job are shrinking.”

Keep in mind, I never said he wasn’t a front runner or that he isn’t going to get the job.  I’m just saying, with talk of Alderson’s inevitability, it is sounding like Backman’s stock might be slipping a bit, if for no other reason than, from what I can gather, several types of names were discussed during Alderson’s meetings, not just Backman’s.

That said, I know he knows people close to Backman, and so I hope Healey is correct, since I would love to see Backman as manager of the Mets.  He’s not my only choice, as I’m intrigued by Chip Hale and others.  But, admittedly, I’m an easy sell.  I got to talk to Backman in Spring Training, and I was super impressed and inspired.  This interview he did with Ted Berg got my attention too.  Plus, as Mike Silva points out in this post on NY Basbeall Digest, Backman might be more of an Alderson-type guy than people realize.