W.B. Mason Post Game Extra for Tuesday’s Loss

Bob Burket
Bob Burket

Its funny how when back in the 60's and 70's Nelson, Murphy and Kiner would come on and talk about the Mets before during and after games and with all the losing we could never see it in their faces or voices. With the current group of Hernandez, Darling and Cohen, we see the anger and disgust they have for  this team.


And the Mets have found their home in the cellar.....


wow ... their faces say it all!  

off topic, although I appreciate if anyone knows......... are team interpreters on team payroll?  

Dylan Ray Rice
Dylan Ray Rice

What happened to

1. Benny Agbayani LF 2. Edgardo Alfonzo 2B 3. Robin Ventura 3B 4. Mike Piazza C 5. Todd Zeile 1B 6. Jay Payton CF 7. Darryl Hamilton RF 8. Rey Ordoñez SS 9. Al Leiter P
1. Jose Reyes SS 2. Paul LoDuca C 3. Carlos Beltran CF 4. Carlos Delgado 1B 5. David Wright 3B 6. Cliff Floyd LF 7. Xavier Nady RF 8. Anderson Hernandez 2B 9. Tom Glavine

Because of irresponsible ownership and mismanaging of finances, our beloved Mets have mutated into this:

E. Young Jr., 2B (Speed is his only asset, average glove, can't get on)
D. Murphy, 1B (Streaky, overall decent player)
D. Wright, 3B (Getting older, not showing life, hasn't come through)
C. Granderson, CF (A solid 7 hitter, K and unproductive out to HR ratio is laughable for a cleanup hitter, all or nothing, usually nothing) 
C. Young, LF (Career .235 hitter, has been awful last 2 years, injury prone, why did they sign this guy when we have Lagares?)
L. Duda, 1B (the so called slugger has 5 hr and 19 RBIs while we suffer through his.250 avg and .338 OBP)
W. Flores, SS (Another minor leaguer who has proven nothing on the major league level auditioning during the big show)
J. Centeno, C (Who is this guy? Has he been catching long? How many times is he going to throw the ball into CF and miss pitches right in front of him?)
R. Montero, P (Does this kid look ready to win ball games? If he can't get us past the 5th, this atrocious bullpen will blow the game 9.5/10 times)

The sad part is the lineup is not even the major issue. Every arm in the bullpen is shaky.  We have no closer.  Our manager is horrendous, our coaching staff has done nothing to keep their jobs.  Since when has failure been tolerated?
Starting pitching is only going to get you so far.  Whose to say how may of these arms will holdup, and how many will even approach the bar Alderson has set for these kids.

Why are we playing Moneyball in a huge market?  The amount of money fans put into this team even when they're bad (forget about when they're good) is more than enough to bring in more talent than this.  It's going to be next year for a long time boys, even both of the lineups I mentioned didn't win the series.

Someone please scam the wilpons again, and this time take all their money. That's the only way us fans will actually get to enjoy the baseball season once again.