W.B. Mason Post Game Extra for Friday’s Win


The future looks bright! Not Wright!


0-3 and an error?

just trade him tomorrow for a a bag of balls

that would a typical met fan on this forum response.   kinda like saying Wright is done for good. when he is playing through an injury and is not close to being healthy.


you could feel as I do that just looking at the kid makes me drool because you can see he has that look of a star in the making.

he must be in shock to be in the majors after starting the  season in A ball.He  will be on second for the next decade at least.

Getting him and Black for 2 months of Byrd and Buck is highway robbery by that bum Alderson.

that deal and the Wheeler deal plus the absolute robbery of Noah/D'arnaud for our 36 year old arm  are all going to be huge for this team very soon.

Harvey , Parnell plus a ss and left fielder will give us the start we need.

when we add Noah and Martz our pitching will be amazing.  we have a ton of talent to trade and if the Wilpons open there wallets they will make 2 bucks for every one they spend next year.

Trade for Tulo.   we have the pieces and we have to simply pay him.  niese, Gee, Montero, KP   plus more if they need it.  make it happen.