Vic Black is ready to be a closer

Vic+Black+New+York+Mets+v+Atlanta+Braves+Ja0tIUruwsUxIn the event Bobby Parnell starts 2014 on the disabled list, Mets reliever Vic Black says he is ready to be the team’s closer, despite just 17 innings of big-league experience.

“I believe I am ready to close and could execute on a daily basis,” Black told Beanball. “Terry Collins put early faith in me in some situations that the Pirates weren’t going to. But those are the situations I had been pitching in [over] the last 2 years–and assuming the minor leagues prepare you for the big leagues, then I’d say I’m a genuine product of the preparation.”

15 appearances for the Mets in 2013, after being acquired for Marlon Byrd and John Buck, Black pitched 13 innings, struck out 12, walked four, locked up one save and a 3.46 ERA.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

He’ll be considered, that’s for sure. It’ll probably be a closer-by-committee situation until Parnell is back to 100%, with Black and others, hopefully LaTroy Hawkins again, filling in. It’s too early to get a really good read on Black. He looked solid and has future closer written all over him. He clearly has a serious fastball. However, he does walk guys too often and he can leave the ball up, which is something relievers really can’t afford to do on a consistent basis. This will be a huge spring training for him. In either case, I’m glad he’s in the mix.

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