Video: Reyes talks Mets, Bobby O & Viola talk Thor, Granderson talks losing

Blue Jays SS Jose Reyes talked 1-on-1 with SNY about playing on a contender, David Wright, and his thoughts on the struggles of the Mets >> Watch Here.

Also before Tuesday’s game, Curtis Granderson talked with SNY about being one of the older guys on a team of young players, bouncing back from his rough start, helping other struggling players, and staying positive through the losing >> Watch Here.

Frank Viola, Bob Ojeda, and Gary Apple discussed Noah Syndergaard’s skills, performance in Las Vegas, and what he still needs to accomplish in Triple A >> Watch Here.

Brandon Andersen
Brandon Andersen

I know he's a greedy POS, but this guy belongs in NY and I miss him so much. Yeah he had injuries, but he can flat out hit both for power and average. His speed is obviously top notch. But he has that kid-like excitement about the game that you just don't see much these days. He electrified games. I look at the Mets team out there right now and they seem totally fine with whatever happens whether that be winning or losing. Jose gave it his all and helped infuse the team with positive emotion. He loosened teammates up but also had that strong urge to win. When I see the rest of the team after Reyes, Beltran, and Delgado left, I see how far we have fallen. We went from a legitimate mashing offense in the late 2000's to a AAA lineup for the past 5 years or so. Ike Davis teased us one season then sucked. Bottom line is that guys like Duda, Niewnheus, Young Jr, Young, Tejeda are AAA talents. If we want to win Mr. Wilpon needs to sell the team or spend a crapload of money on big time hitters as well as trade for them. All I want to keep is Harvey, Syndergaard, and DeGrom. We can deal Wheeler, Montero, Matz, Gee, etc. I'm so sick of this team being a laughingstock. They gave us one teaser of a season in 2006 and that was it. These fans deserve MUCH better...I can't believe it but 2006 was almost 10 years ago.