Video: Last piece of Shea

To watch video I shot this morning of the last piece of Shea Stadium falling, click play below:

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The problems with this team has constantly been restated by Deron actually and has fallen on deaf ears. The primary guy the Nets brought in to lead this team keeps telling them exactly the blue print that works and the team simply fails to maintain it.

Again, deron stated that they are at there best when the ball is moving. He has also talked about spacing and moving in transition and upping the tempo of play. This is when deron thrives and when the Nets play well. However, when the ball starts sticking and spacing goes away and people start dribbling too much and playing ME Ball the team suffers.

In my mind the main culprits all Jack, Joe, and Anderson as well as Brook to certain extent. First Anderson, this guy seems to be able to chuck as many contested threes as he feels like he takes bad shots and i don't care if sometimes they go in they are simply bad basketball plays which every opponent will let him keep taking. He also has a tendency to dribble and go one one way too often especially for a guy who is a role player.

Second, joe, he also goes into iso mode or disappear mode both hurt the team chemistry and his defense is not great. He simply is not as good a fit playing the 4 as pierce was last year.

And jack the mid rang chucker taking the very shot every tram loves their opponent to take and not passing nearly enough.

All three play hero ball and it's seen in the inconsistent effort the Nets give. I will give brook a pass for now but having 4 guys who play ME BALL is too much for any team.