Twitter Q&A: Would Reyes take 5 yrs & $85-90 M

Last month, in this post on, I wrote, “The buzz in baseball this spring has been that Reyes will likely start out seeking a seven-year, $120 million deal, though he’s more likely to be offered a five-year deal around $15 million per season (i.e., five years, $75 million). The question I keep trying to answer is: money aside, does Reyes fit in to the type of team Sandy Alderson intends to build beyond this season? I don’t know yet.”

If the Mets offered me that deal, and I was Reyes, knowing I could pop a wheel at any time, I’d take that deal, especially since people say he loves the team, loves his teammates, loves living on Long Island, where his family is, and he loves us and playing in New York, with the spotlight, the off-field opportunities, and so on. But, also, for him, it has to be tempting to know the Red Sox, Giants, Reds and Phillies, among others, will almost certainly be in the bidding for him as a free agent this winter.

In talking to people close to the team, it sounds to me like the Mets payroll will likely be around $120 million next year, or roughly $40 million less than is being budgeted for this year. Regardless, I’ve heard some people mention how Jose fits in to this plan, and how he does not. The point is, I truly believe no decision has been made and, if the trade deadline was tomorrow, regardless of the potential for a playoff chase, I’m not sure if the Mets yet know how they would handle keeping or moving Reyes. Frankly, I’m not even sure what I would do. It kills me to think he could play for another team (especially knowing the Phillies might be in the market for a shortstop). But, I’m also not sure how I feel about giving him that much money over that much time, given the nature of his game. But, then I go back to Phillies SS Jose Reyes, and I start to get sick… it’s going to be an interesting summer.

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