Twitter Q&A: How about Stan Kasten?

I haven’t heard his name mentioned yet.  But, he’d be a perfect choice to be the older, senior-level visionary I have written about in previous posts.  He has a track record, he’s smart, 58, powerful, personable, respected around the game, he knows business and did a terrific job getting the Nationals in a place where they are ready to ‘compete then contend,’ as he likes to say.  Obviously, his work with the Braves in the 90s and the NBA’s Hawks in the 80s is well documented.  He’s from New Jersey and told reporters in DC the other the day that he is not retiring.

The buzz in Washington is that the Nationals have been aware of his plans since the end of last season, and expect him to go on to either work for another team in baseball, with MLB or with another organization in another sport.

So, considering his track record, his roots, plans and reputation, I’d think he would have to be a candidate for the Mets… the problem is, he does everything.  He tends to direct all elements of the team he works with, from the ballpark to communication to the team on field, and so, here we are again, in that if Ownership is serious about stepping aside and giving full autonomy – in writing, legit autonomy – here is a guy to consider… and Sandy Alderson, who I am a big fan of as well.

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