Trade talks for Carlos Beltran down to 5 teams

According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, trade talks for Carlos Beltran are down to five serious teams: the Red Sox, Giants, Phillies, Braves and Rangers.

“The Pirates and Indians are basically out of the conversation,” says Olney.

Yesterday, Jon Heyman said in a report for, so far, the Giants have been been unwilling to include their top talent in a deal for Beltran, as they’d rather pay his salary and give up less talent.

More from Matthew Cerrone:

I’ve heard the same thing basically describes the Tigers and Pirates, as well as other teams. Surprisingly, more teams are interested in paying Beltran’s way in hopes of giving up less talent. The thing is, Sandy’s goal seems to be making the team better beyond this season, not just trimming payroll, which is a encouraging.

Heyman also reports on rumors involving Astros OF Hunter Pence and LHP Randy Wolf, Dodgers reliever Hiroki Kuroda, the Rangers and Padres closer Heath Bell, and other news and notes from around the league.