Today on MetsBlog: 5 Years Ago (Yankees in on Johan)

This post appeared on five years ago today…

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

It’s funny, because – starting the day the Winter Meetings ended that year – Mets people kept saying, quietly, but confidently, that the Red Sox and Yankees would eventually bow out of the race for Santana, leaving the Mets in great position to get him for less. There was talk that the Twins could keep Johan to start 2008, but it seems that was never a legit option. He was getting moved. It was just a matter of time. The Mets had been offering two pitching prospects and Carlos Gomez, over and over and over again. They eventually gave a third pitcher, and the deal got done. But, the way I understand it, the real help came from Santana, who was adamant about wanting to join Omar Minaya and the Mets in New York City in a pitcher’s park in the National League.