Ticket Prices, Bloggers and Credentials

Yesterday, the Mets announced a reduction in ticket prices for 62 percent of the ballpark, as well as extensive benefits for season ticket holders for 2011, called the Amazin Mets Perkswhich you can learn more about here.

Later in the day, executive vice president of business operations Dave Howard held a 25-minute conference call with a group of Mets bloggers to talk about the changes.

“This is a first for me and I’m excited to do it,” Howard said at the top of the call.  “You have an important part of communicating with Mets fans in terms of what’s going on around the team.”

For a very detailed recap of Howard’s answers, check out MetsGrrl.com, who, along with Mets Police, do an amazing job covering the business of the team and other issues concerning fans.  I’m SO happy to see the team finally taking note of their hard work and online influence.

In fact, welcoming in other fan bloggers is a HUGE step in the right direction for the Mets, and I’d like to think I’ve had something to do with that, as well as the example being set by other teams in other sports.  In either case, I’m glad it’s happening, because it helps them spread their message more directly, and it gets our thoughts and wishes closer to team.

Last summer, the Mets issued passes to several fan bloggers so we could watch batting practice up close from the field, mingle and do interviews.

I love this photo, from that first night, with all of us killing time before the game:


This picture blows my mind, because it seems like just yesterday I was arguing with people in the team’s media department about standards and credibility and behavior and the evolution of media, trying to make a case why I should be allowed in.

Now, six years later, here are 12 bloggers doing work from inside the dugout, which is absolutely amazing to me.