Michael Baron, Contributor

It’s a bittersweet day. On one hand, I’ll miss rooting for Dickey and watching his story evolve. During an era where there has been more losing than winning, Dickey has served as a distraction to that and gave me something to root for every five days. He has been great since the moment he was promoted to the big leagues early in the 2010, and I happy for him considering all his accomplished.

However, it made a lot of baseball sense to trade him. Let’s face it – the Mets have been terrible, and their record has only gotten worse since he arrived. It’s not his fault – he has performed at a high level. But with R.A. on the roster, this is a 74 win team, at most. They needed to get better – not just for today, but for tomorrow as well. True, there’s no guarantee when acquiring prospects, but as Andy Martino of the Daily News said on WFAN on Saturday, the Minor Leagues are where Major Leaguers come from, and D’Arnaud is a¬†top¬†prospect. That makes this a pretty good bet. It is a sell-high move with a long term goal in mind, and – if the Mets believe they can be better over the long term by doing this – it’s hard to argue against it.