This Date in MetsBlog in 2007: Milledge, Gomez & F-Mart

Here is a random, old post from on this date in 2007:

The Mets eventually traded Gomez that winter to the Twins in a deal for Johan Santana. Gomez hit .260 with 19 HR and a .305 OBP this past season.

Martinez was released by the Mets last season. He hit .237 with 6 HR in 41 games for Houston in 2012.

Lastly, Milledge, 27, hit .300 with a .379 OBP, 21 HR and 23 doubles in 546 at bats for the Yakult Swallows in Japan. He has an option for 2013, which is likely to be exercised, according to Japanese news reports.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Ted Berg mentioned to me yesterday that Milledge is exactly the kind of guy the Mets should try to sign and find luck with. He’s right, though it looks like Milledge will likely spend another season in Japan…

It’s pretty crazy, though, and a lesson in penciling in future lineups and counting on every prospect to pan out. I mean, here are three outfielders who lots of fans and media speculated on maybe one day being the starting outfield, yet none of them really panned out in a meaningful way. Frankly, I never expected Gomez to so far have the most successful big-league career, yet he’s the only one who was actually included in a deal for big-time talet (Santana). It also makes me think back to how many deals may have been passed over by Minaya that included Martinez and Milledge… Hindsight is 20/20, and I would never hold any of this to Minaya, since it way to easy to look back and second guess. Instead, it’s something to remember as we talk about today’s future and think about prospects – knowing that, while some may have an impact, most will not…