These are the Mets jerseys for the 2012 season

In a post to Twitter, Adam Rubin of ESPN New York has provided an image of the creme pinstriped jersey for next season, which does not have a black shadow on the Mets logo.

Original Post, 9:27 PM:

The following jerseys are currently for sale on, both of which include the 50th Anniversary patch that will be worn next season (and both do not have the black, drop shadow):


Michael Baron: (posted Nov. 14, 2011) I love them, although I think the black is a little played out at this point. As Matt has said, the black was a symbol of the late 90’s Mets, and I think the new uniforms (with the exception of the black jersey) not just speaks to their history, but their original branding of orange and blue as well.

When it comes to the Mets uniform, I am more of a traditionalist – pinstripes at home and grey on the road. I would expect the Mets to unveil these uniforms as well as a pinstriped version on Wednesday, when they hold their 50th anniversary press conference at Citi Field. As far as an alternate uniform is concerned, I always thought if the Mets were to have one it should be something like the blue-based jersey the Mets wore occasionally this past summer with the traditional orange and blue and NO black. Supposedly, the Mets will be incorporating that jersey on occasion in 2012 and will be used as part of the regular rotation in 2013.


In his recent chat for ESPN New York, Adam Rubin backed up his story from last summer indicating the Mets will eliminate the drop shadow from their uniforms next season.

According to Rubin, “The Mets are going to borrow significantly, I hear, from the early 1960s uniforms. … so it will just be the orange and blue lettering … script Mets for the home lettering, block letters NEW YORK for road.”


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