The right-handed lefty specialist

In a post to his blog for ESPN New York, Adam Rubin looks at how Sandy Alderson and his staff might construct next year’s bullpen, relying again on Pat Misch, Ryota Igarashi and Manny Acosta, among others.

Rubin concludes his post by writing:

”Lastly, it appears the organization is going to give a serious look to Oliver Perez in spring training as a situation lefty for the bullpen. Still, it’s entirely conceivable the Mets don’t have much left-handed presence in the bullpen and try to find a right-hander who can retire left-handed batters.”

I’m going to ignore the comment about Perez, because just thinking about him in relief makes me anxious. However, I am glad to hear Alderson is not necessarily married to filling irrational quotas, like the infamous ‘eighth-inning guy’ or ‘a left-on-left guy,’ like we heard so much about the last few years. Instead, as it should be, it reads like he’s in the business of getting the best possible pitchers to keep people off the bases. If the best guy to retire left-handed batters happens to be right-handed, so be it.  Why does it matter what side of mound the pitchers stands on, so long as he gets the job done?

By the way, in 46 at bats last season, left-handed batters hit .163 against the right-handed Acosta – although this is not at all consistent with his career numbers.