The Mets shot down trading Jose Reyes for Erick Aybar

The Angels offered to send SS Erick Aybar to the Mets for Jose Reyes, while taking on all of Jose’s remaining¬† salary, but Sandy Alderson would not bite, according to Scott Miller of CBS Sportsline.

“I’d do that if I’m the Mets,” one NL executive told Miller. “They’re not going to be able to re-sign him. How can you give Reyes 10 years at $20 million [each year] when he’s hurt all the time?”

Opinion added by Matthew Cerrone:

First of all, 10 years, $200 million. Really? And, if the Mets aren’t going to give him that contract because ‘he’s hurt all of the time,’ why would some other team. Are the Mets and this anonymous executive the only people aware of Jose’s health. Regardless, he’s about to finish his 5th year in 6 seasons playing in at least 133 games. So, he’s hardly hurt ‘all of the time.’ What a ridiculous quote.

Anyway, if I know for fact that the Mets had zero chance of making the playoffs, and if I knew Reyes would come back to Queens even if I traded him away, and if I knew Aybar could play second base next season, this trade would be fun to make. But, that’s a lot of gambling. It’s a gamble that Reyes doesn’t fall in love with Los Angeles, a city he’s reportedly expressed interest in moving to already. And, it’s a gamble that Aybar would work in New York and successfully switch positions. So, obviously, the Mets should and did say, ‘No.’ Nevertheless, it is interesting to think about.