The Mets Holiday card

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

In case you missed it, the Mets sent a holiday video e-card Monday featuring Mr. and Mrs. Met, superimposed backdrops of animated snow and an awkward seven-player chorus signing Sleigh Ride

Look, it’s a nice gesture, and it’s supposed to be fun. But it’s another example of the lose-lose position the overall franchise has put itself in. The Mets have a long history of ‘leading with their chin,’ which often result in them being blindsided and smacked around by fans and media.

For instance, the Rays simply sent their fans a short, spoken message from manager Joe Madden. The Red Sox, who just won a World Series so they can probably do no wrong, featured only their mascot, Wally, and David Ortiz (who is so popular he could win a mayoral race in Boston).

Instead, the Mets did this…


…and got this reaction:

Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 8.43.19 AM

The e-card was mocked by countless fans on Twitter, the New York Times, Post and national TV news programs from FOX to MSNBC to CNN.

Deadspin posted a link to the video with the headline: “Watch These Mets Sacrifice Their Dignity For Your Holiday Joy.”

Yahoo! Sports columnist Tim Brown tweeted the following warning to his 60,000 followers:


Yup, the Mets, the butt of everyone’s jokes… literally, in some cases.¬†Ugh…

Next year, can you just put Matt Harvey in a tuxedo, drinking egg nog, saying, ‘Happy Holidays,’ and call it a day? Thanks.