Mets Did the Right Thing at the Deadline

Yes, I’m disappointed the Mets didn’t make a deal before today’s Trade Deadline.

Emotionally it hurts, because I want them to be good NOW.

However, intellectually, I know they did they right thing today, especially when considering the future of the NL East and the overall economics in baseball.

I mean, how did the Phillies get in to a position to be able to trade 12 of their best 15 prospects for Roy Oswalt, Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay?  It started a few years ago, when they clearly decided to let ALL of those prospects develop.

The Mets are in a tough spot…

They know changes must be made to the roster and to the coaching staff, not just for this season but for beyond.  However, while they are six games back of the Wild Card, they still have debt to pay, they still need to sell tickets for a new ballpark and they still need to sell ads on TV, not to mention deliver on what they’ve already sold… meanwhile, there is pressure from fans and media to win now, which would cost them prospects today, all while the NL East gets younger and better, and all while less and less high-quality free agents become available on the open market.

Assuming they do not make the playoffs, I have been told the Mets will attempt to make serious changes to the roster and coaching staff this winter.

I will not lie, that makes me very excited… because it’s about time.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see them find new homes for players like Carlos Beltran, Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo, even if it means paying a portion of their contracts.

It wouldn’t shock me to see Wally Backman as the new manager, who would choose a totally new coaching staff, as this team keeps working to get younger, more aggressive and with a focus on pitching.

However, to do this, they need to create time and space for old contracts to go away, or become affordable enough to move, i.e. Castillo.  Also, they have to keep ALL of their prospects.  This is not to say each and every minor leaguer will be a superstar.  Not at all.  However, in order to trade 12 of your best 15 prospects for three different aces within one year, you have to have mature, valueable prospects to trade.

Basically, I think the Mets are running out the clock, and hoping this current 25–man roster turns it around enough to make September intriguing.  Maybe they get hot, and get in to the playoffs… maybe they do not.

In either case, by doing nothing today, I hope the Mets took yet another subtle, quiet, unexciting step in the right direction, getting closer to when they will have prospects to trade and money for new and better talent.