The Mets and Arbitration Eligible Players

According to MLB Trade Rumors, Mike Pelfrey will be eligible for arbitration this off season for the first time in his career.

This was discussed on MetsBlog a few weeks ago, but I have to think he’ll be rewarded moneyclip.pngsomething between $3 and $5 million, based on where the market is today, and how similar talent was paid in similar situations a few seasons.  His 2010 season is probably worth double that on the open market, if not slightly more, and so he is still a bargain.

Meanwhile, Sean Green will enter his second year of arbitration, while RA Dickey, John Maine and Angel Pagan will be eligible for the final time, as they can all be free agents at the end of next season.

Pagan had an amazing season in 2010.  Statistically speaking, he’s probably worth three times what he was paid.  He’ll certainly get more in arbitration this year than the $1.45 million he and the team settled on last winter.  Nevertheless, he’s had a history of injury and this was a breakout season for him, and so I don’t know if the Mets yet feel they have to discuss with him a contract extension.

Dickey, on the hand, will likely get approached about an extension, and, according to ESPN New York, he might be open to it.

The idea, as MLBTR recently put it, “would be to trade long-term security for a lower base salary, giving the team some financial flexibility going forward.”

Green was terrible in 2010, and so he’ll probably be awarded the same money he earned in 2010, say $1 million, meaning I have to think the Mets will give him another shot.  Green changed his delivery in Spring Training, injured himself, and then struggled in his return, and so I really have no idea what to make of him.

Lastly, the Mets and Maine avoided arbitration last winter and agreed to a $3 million salary.  I have to think he will be non-tendered.  The way I heard it, Jerry Manuel was pretty tired of his ‘act,’ whatever that means.  Of course, Manuel is no longer here.  I have no idea where Dan Warthen stands.  And so, at the very least, I see Maine being non-tendered, though perhaps the new GM brings him back on a lesser deal, to let him work out in camp and hope for the best.  Though, at that point, and after the last 12 months, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Maine just split for some place new.