The Magnificent Seven… GM Candidates

Joel Sherman of the New York Post says John Hart is intrigued by the Mets vacant GM job, though he is not currently on their front-burner.

”I would love being affiliated with a club [as general manager],” Hart told Sherman.

However, according to Sherman, “The Mets could be worried that, at 62, and five years removed from his last general manager job that Hart is not ideal for the big job ahead of the organization.”

Right now, though I respect Hart’s track record, I can’t stop thinking about Terry Ryan in that role.

“Ryan would be coup for the Mets,” Jon Heyman of said yesterday on Twitter.  However, he adds, “Folks dont think he’d go.”

Meanwhile, also on Twitter, Ken Davidoff says he talked to Ryan directly about whether he’d consider joining the Mets, and Ryan said:

”You know I don’t talk about that stuff.”

The 56-year-old Ryan was GM of the Twins from 1994 to 2007, after which he stepped down and is now a talent advisor within the organization.

I still have no idea if Ryan is open to leaving his life in Minnesota for New York, and step up to be a GM again.  I do know the Mets like him a lot.  I have heard people in baseball speculate that, in order to coax him out of his current life for a move to the Big Apple, a) the Mets will need to pay him a good chunk of money, and b) he will likely need contractual guarantees, like a Bill Parcells-type deal, making him team president and with stipulations on who he answers to and who he does not.  And, I would hope the Mets are open to that type of scenario.

Heyman also believes Sandy Alderson, Rick Hahn, Josh Byrnes, Jerry Dipoto, Gerry Hunsicker and Dan Jennings remain high on the team’s list.

Well, those six guys plus Ryan equal seven people.  And, if you recall, after Monday’s press conference, several of the team’s beat writers reported that, while the Mets had an iniial list of 32 potential GMs, they have since narrowed that down to between five and seven people.

So, perhaps that list from Heyman is the final list of seven we should be focused on?