In Case You Missed It: The Reyes Rumor

There is a post up on MLBTR discussing Jose Reyes.

So, in case you missed it, I wrote this last Saturday…

This past weekend, Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle said Jose Reyes would be available in a trade, ‘but the Mets want a boat load in return for him.’

Last week on Sirius-XM, Mets GM Sandy Alderson said, while no player in considered ‘untouchable,’ he’s less likely to trade David Wright, Ike Davis and Jason Bay.

The way I understand it, in talking to people last week, the Mets are not aggressively shopping Reyes.  However, I’ve been told that any player not guaranteed of being with the team after 2011 is most certainly up for grabs, which is smart.  I don’t want the Mets to trade Reyes.  I enjoy watching him, and I think his market value took a hit the last season or two.  But, if, for whatever reason, Alderson doesn’t see Reyes being here after next year – either because he’s not Sandy’s type of player, or because he believes Reyes will leave for another team – than I can understand trading him, or at least exploring a trade for him, in exchange for talent that can help in the future, especially pitching.

Despite the interesting rumor, the thing I keep wondering about is: How many teams, who need a shortstop, can afford to pay one $11 million, knowing he’s going to test the open market after the season ends?  And, of those teams, how many are willing to give up ‘a boat load’ to get that guy?