The inexpensive starting pitcher

According to Andy Martino in the Daily News, now that a front office and manager have been hired, Sandy Alderson will ‘have to sign a few inexpensive starters.

The key word is ‘inexpensive,’ since, last week on WFAN, Alderson flatly said the Mets will NOT be signing free-agent LHP Cliff Lee this off season.

“I stand by what I said before about our free-agent activity,” he explained.  ”We’re going to be active in the market, but we’re not going to be active in the top end.  We have to be judicious and surgical in our free-agent participation.  Next year, and the year after, we’re going to be in a position – and we want to be in the position every year – to be active in the top end if we desire.”

As such, I expect the Mets to look in to free-agents Kevin Millwood and Chris Young and explore the trade market, while saying prayers for Dillon Gee.

I’d also look in to free-agent RHP Aaron Harang, who is not going to be in high-demand and will likely end up signing a one-year deal with incentives.  He’s had a history of injury, which is a concern.  However, if healthy he can pitch deep in to games, he induces a lot of fly-balls, he’s been somewhat unlucky the last year or so, at least in compare to his overall career numbers, and he’s still getting batters to swing and miss.

To see a list of free-agent starting pitchers, go to MLBTR.