The five-day window for free agents

Matthew Cerrone: Just a heads up, but teams can have exclusive negotiations with their own free agents up until five days after the World Series. After that five-day window, it’s a free for all … free agents can talk dollars and contracts with any team they want … and so that’s when the real craziness will begin.

The word from Citi Field is that Reyes is not interested in signing a deal between now and the end of that five-day window, and so the Mets do not expect much negotiating. He wants to hear from other teams, and (from what I understand) he also wants to hear from the Mets (in regards to what they plan to do to get better going forward).

Game 6 of this year’s World Series is scheduled for tonight. The Rangers lead 3-2 in the series. If needed, Game 7 is scheduled for Thursday night, which means the five-day negotiating window will likely expire the middle of next week.