The back-n-forth between Feliciano and Warthen

This past weekend, Yankees GM Brian Cashman said the Mets abused Pedro Feliciano, in regards to how and when he was used in relief the last few years.

Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen later said he feels badly that Cashman feels this way, but, “Feliciano volunteered for the baseball everyday, everyday, he asked if he could pitch and he said, ‘Yes.'” According to Warthen, one of the reasons the Mets chose not to re-sign Feliciano is because they were aware he pitched 270-some times  in the last three years.

Today, in a pre-game post to his blog for the Journal News, Sam Borden details his conversation with Feliciano about the situation, to which the left-handed reliever said:

“That’s not right. … It hurts because I like Dan. He was one of my good pitching coaches, and when I read that, it hurts. … I don’t (have) his number or nothing. I will show him in the Subway Series when I strike out Ike Davis. When I jump on the mound, I’ll be like, ‘That’s for you.’”

According to Borden, Feliciano was chuckling when he said the above, “but it was also clear he was bothered by the notion Warthen had offered in his comments.”

That’s awesome. Good for Feliciano, and good for Warthen. I realize some reporters in this town must be dying for us think this matters, but it doesn’t. It’s actually more of a Yankee-Feliciano story, than a Mets-Yankees or Mets-Feliciano story. That said, personally, I see nothing wrong with competitors swapping words, especially with a dash of sarcasm. It’s sports. It’s not tea time. There should be a little goodhearted trash talking, a little I’ll-show-him type of attitude. So, I like this. Let’s play ball…