The 2013 interview and clubhouse cap…

According to Mets Bro, this is the cap which will be worn in the clubhouse and during post game interviews:

2013 Mets interview cap

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

What. The Hell. Is This About? Frankly, it’s not at all surprising, I suppose, especially when given the level of marketing and promotions within Major League Baseball already. I’d love to know more about this, since I assume it has something to do with knowing these guys will be on camera after games doing interviews, so it has to have something to do with that, i.e., marketing a new sales opportunity, I guess. Anyway, we know from past drama that all-things-hats is a league issue, not a team issue, so there is no way this is exclusive to the Mets… I hope.

Michael Baron, Contributor

This hat is ridiculous and unnecessary. Of course, the advent of a batting practice cap is unnecessary as it is, other than to market and sell them both in stores and at the ballpark. I was hoping the interview hat would be a little more subtle and traditional, but it’s loud and almost obnoxious looking. And what’s with the grey? I’m guessing all teams will be wearing a hat like this for the same purpose, but … wow.