Terry on if team packed it in, Torres and Young

Terry Collins talked to reporters after tonight’s loss and had the following to say about:

On whether his team has packed it in or not:

“We have not packed it in…Perception is a reality. When you sit on the outside and you watch a game like tonight, perception is they’ve packed it in. I won’t stand for it. I believe in accountability and I believe in how you play the game right. I’m the manager here and when you have a game like that it looks like they’re not prepared. That’s my fault and that’s where I come in…We’ll find the right pieces because my team’s played the game the right way. They play with energy. They play with enthusiasm. They play with some discipline. They are fundamentally sound. They don’t play like we did tonight.”

Andres Torres, who was picked off second base in the fifth inning:

“I certainly support the process. Get the call right. As I’ve looked back over a hundred games we’ve played, we haven’t got one of those yet. I’m getting a little tired of it. I got a little fed up with it. Obviously they got the call right but that’s not the point. I’ve asked a couple of times for umpires to check someone else and I get a no. I’ve kind of had enough.”

Chris Young, who threw seven innings, allowed four runs on five hits and struck out nine:

“After he made the throwing error, they just pecked away at him. He did a tremendous job getting some key strike outs but they put the ball in play and ran the bases very aggressively.”