Terry’s comments after shutout against the Nationals

After tonight’s 2-0 loss to the Nationals, Terry Collins talked to reporters and had the following to say about:

Matt Harvey, who became the first Mets rookie with ten plus strike outs in five innings or fewer:

“This guy has taken the game to another level when he got up here…He’s been so impressive. We’ve got something special. It’s been very fun to be around him and watch him work and watch him get ready.”

Going 0-6 at home against the Braves and Nationals:

“It’s frustrating for all thirty-five guys in that clubhouse…We set the bar pretty high in April and May. For a club that wasn’t suppose to be very good we set the bar up there and I’m proud of that. I think it’s great that there are expectations here and we expect to play that way. Right now we just cannot seem to re-create what was happening in April…The frustrations have got to stop.”