Terry Collins post-game comments

After tonight’s loss to the Rockies, Terry Collins talked to reporters and had the following to say about:

Why players slide head first in to first base, as Jordany Valedspin did tonight with the bases loaded, two outs and the Mets down a run:

“They’ve seen it happen and it’s an exciting play because it really looks like your maximizing your effort when your diving…They’ve all been told you don’t see track runners diving at the finish line. There’s a reason why they don’t do it. It slows you down.”

R.A. Dickey, who pitched seven innings and allowed one run:

“R.A. gave it his best effort. He ran out of gas a little bit. The thing we have to remember about R.A. is just because he’s a knuckleballer doesn’t mean he can throw a thousand pitches every night.”

His frustration with the offense not producing:

“When you get a well pitched game yeah it’s frustrating. The guys are frustrated about it and they’re trying. When you know R.A. is on the mound you’re going to be in the game and you’re going to have a chance to win. We just aren’t producing runs.”

Chris Smith
Chris Smith

Yeah they lost 38 goals scored by St. Louis and Hagelin but the bulk of that will be expected to be made up by the young forwards. If Etem and Stalberg only combine for 15-20 goals, pretty reasonable I'd say, you're looking at replacing 18-23 goals. 4 or 5 more each out of Kreider, Hayes, Miller, Fast, and don't forget Stepan didn't play a full season so a few more from him could be expected as well. There's the missing scoring.