Players not happy with Terry’s remarks, Collins will return in 2013

Terry Collins told reporters he regrets his comments after last night’s game about the team possibly quitting.

“I probably did it the wrong way. … I talked to each and every guy today. I know they care. … I don’t want to ever challenge anyone’s integrity. That’s wrong,” Collins explained to reporters.

Collins said his intention was to stir the team up after their loss last night, and he subsequently met with every player and came away believing they are all equally as angry with the way the season is ending.

However, in a post to Twitter, SNY’s Kevin Burkhardt said the “damage is done though – [Terry’s remarks] didn’t sit well in that clubhouse.”

Meanwhile, Mike Puma of the New York Post says the front office remains committed to Terry Collins, and he will not be fired after the season.

Michael Baron, Contributor

Since the All-Star Break, the question about whether or not the team had quit has come up more times than I can even remember. Last night was the first time Terry has given any answer other than ‘no’ to the media, and a fire storm ensued. I think there are a ton of fans out there who had been waiting nearly two years for Terry to say something off the cuff and light a fire under his team – he said today that was his motive behind his comments last night. The thing is, why  back track and apologize just because the players got upset by those remarks? He’s the manager, he’s the leader. He shouldn’t be wishy washy like that. He should have stuck to his guns, for better or for worse. No matter, I don’t think last night’s remarks from Terry will or should be forgotten – everyone, including Terry, the players, Sandy and his staff, has some reflecting to do.

All during Spring Training, Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins used the word “compete” when referring to the Mets. For the better part of two months, these players have not been competitive against the opposition. And so, I don’t blame Terry for being angry with what is currently on display, even if he worded things harshly. Maybe the players will respond to all of this and actually play better than the worst team in baseball for him over the next 12 games… We will see…