Talk of demoting Ike Davis is ‘intensifying,’ but not imminent

Ike Davis 3 polaroid“Although Ike Davis snapped an 0-for-24 skid Friday in a 3-2 win against the Chicago Cubs, the internal discussion about potentially demoting the first baseman has only intensified,” writes Adam Rubin of ESPN New York.

May 18, 4:23 pm: Ike Davis told reporters Sandy Alderson assured him a possible demotion is not imminent.

In 151 plate appearances, Davis is hitting .156 with a .238 OBP, four home runs and nine RBI with 14 walks and 46 strikeouts.

Michael Baron, Contributor

May 18, 7:20 am: As was the case last year, this is going to be a daily topic until clarity is brought to the situation, one way or another…

I’ve been told the organization is trying to remain loyal to Ike and his ability to break out of these doldrums, because he showed he is capable of doing so a year ago in a big way. Part of that has to do with limited options both in the big leagues and in the minors, but they also believe the best medicine for him lies at the big leagues and working with the big league coaching staff. Still, I get the sense they are aware that what happened last year doesn’t necessarily apply to this year and if he can’t figure things out here, they’re going to have to do what’s in the best interest of the organization and make some kind of a change.

The thing is, even if Ike breaks out of it today and goes on to do what he did a year ago, there are still concerns over his ability to be consistent. Personally, I would have taken fewer home runs from him last year if he hadn’t been so rotten over the first two-plus months – the same can be said about this year, assuming he finds his way and gets on track. I don’t know if the organization would prefer that as well, but I do believe it’s an important factor in determining what to do with Ike as time goes on, regardless of whether or not he sees time in Las Vegas this season.