Stat: The Mets have a Weak Bench

National League pinch hitters, by team, per


…clearly, how a team does with its pinch hitters does not necessarily correlate to wins… but, with the way Jerry Manuel burns through his bullpen, pinch hitters take on a different level of importance for the Mets… especially when Carlos Beltran is out, you have a rookie first baseman, a wobbly second baseman and a shortstop trying to get his groove back

Also, overall this season, Frank Catalanotto is batting .136, Alex Cora is batting .162, Gary Matthews Jr. is batting .132, and Fernando Tatis is batting .206.

In a post to Mack’s Mets, Mack wonders how long the team can continue to live with Catalanotto, Matthews, Cora and Tatis, when Chris Carter, Mike Hessman, Andy Green and Nick Evans are all hitting around .300 or better in the minor leagues.

“I know the Mets are committed to putting a better team on the field in Buffalo,” Mack says, “but isn’t this team suppose to put the best team on the field in Queens first?”