Starting Pitcher: Mets sign Oliver Perez

Update, 5:10 pm:

Oliver Perez chose to accept more money per season, according to Joel Sherman of the the New York Post, instead of taking less money and the fourth year.

“On a three-year contract,” Sherman explains, “Perez goes back into the free-agent market after the 2011 season at just 30 years old.”

Update, 2:05 pm:

Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports the Mets and Perez have reached agreement on a three-year, $36 million deal.

According to Sherman, the deal does not include a fourth year option of any sorts.

Update, 1:38 pm:

According to an e-mail from Will Carroll, of Baseball Prospectus, the deal will be for three years and $36 million.

Update, 1:27 pm:

From what I can gather, the deal will be for three years, and the Mets did not need to go higher than the $12 million per season they set as a limit.

…i have to imagine there is a fourth-year option in here, like rosenthal first suggested, but i have yet to see this in print yet, or have it confirmed to me from people who would know… i bet it’s only a matter of time before such news comes out… stay tuned…

Update, 1:10 pm:

The people I checked in with, close to the team, also said the Mets are close to a finalizing a deal with perez; SNY is reporting the same thing; and I would guess, soon, others will be saying the same as well, as they check in with their sources.

By the way, I take ‘close to finalizing,’ to mean, all that is left is a physical.

In other words, ‘It’s close,’ just like Rosenthal said…

… the thing i like most about this is that, even if perez is a total bust, and regresses, the Mets can move this contract had he ever signed for five years and $60 million, like he was initially looking for, he’d be a total albatross… but, if the Mets were too eat some of the money, there will always be a taker for a 28–year-old lefty earning, say, $16 million over two years

that said, i am still having a hard time digesting the idea that the Mets will essentially have the exact same rotation and lineup as last year… even though, realistically speaking, there wasn’t much else out there for them to do…

Original Post, 12:37 pm:

In a recent report for, Ken Rosenthal writes, ‘The Mets are moving closer to re-signing Oliver Perez,’ according to major-league sources.

Rosenthal believes the Mets have not budged from offering three years, ‘though a vesting option for a fourth year remains possible.’

This past weekend, Joe DeMayo of NY Baseball Digest wrote, “If the Mets do not have Oliver Perez either locked up, or having made huge strides in negotiations by the end of this coming weekend, they are likely to move on to other options,” according to a league source with knowledge of the team’s plans.

The source told DeMayo a deal with Perez will eventually get done, because, “The Mets love Perez, and Perez loves the Mets.  I doubt he would be happy anywhere else.”

honestly, i still can’t believe i waited four months to find out the team’s big starting pitching acquisition would be the same guy who made 34 starts for them last season and went 10–7…