Starting Pitcher: Cashman follows Sabathia to SF

“Yankees GM Brian Cashman is meeting with CC Sabathia for the third consecutive day, this time in San Francisco,” reports Ken Davidoff in a report for Newsday.

According to Davidoff, “It is believed to be a good sign for the Yankees that Sabathia is seeing them for a third straight day.”

During an appearance on WFAN,’s Jon Heyman said there are currently no teams from California in the bidding for Sabathia.

Heyman believes Mark Teixeira remains the Angels top target, and they will not target Sabathia.

Giants GM Brian Sabean told reporters that Sabathia is a ‘fall-back position,’ for the Giants, according to Mercury News.

umm, how is a pitcher who will require a six-year, $140 million deal a fall-back…unless, of course, sabean is investing that money in a time machine, which he will use to bring back Christy Mathewson…then, i understand what he means