Starting Pitcher: Ben Sheets still wants $12 M

According to Roch Kubatko of MASN Sports, free-agent RHP Ben Sheets wants $12 million; and so, as he says, ‘no wonder Erik Bedard is more appealing to the Orioles.’

Earlier this month, Peter Gammons said on ESPN that Sheets is throwing from flat ground, as he continues to his rehab from major elbow surgery, which forced him to miss all of 2009.

…from what i can gather, his agent has been telling any one who will listen that sheets’s elbow will be 100 percent ready for spring traininghe’s going to audition for teams soon, maybe even next week… and is not likely to sign a contract until late January, i would think

That said, Gammons says teams have just as many questions about Sheets’s back as they do about his surgically-repaired elbow.

it’s a tough call… a $12 million contract for one season is what i would like to see the Mets do, again, giving them flexibility for the future…

…but, at the same time, the Mets probably would benefit from having a pitcher like Jon Garland, instead, who can bring some consistency and be a known quantity in the rotation, whereas sheets, who could be as good as Johan Santana if healthy, is much more unreliable because of his physical condition… though, i guess that’s what the audition will be for… the Mets are interested, from what i can gather, but they should also be cautious, which i’m sure they will be…

Sheets was 13-9 with a 3.09 ERA in 198 innings in 2008 for the Brewers.