Starter: Not Lowe, maybe Garland, Vazquez

In yesterday’s Daily News, John Harper writes, “The Mets aren’t conceding anything yet, but privately they admit they didn’t expect Derek Lowe to be in such high demand, and they worry that with the Yankees and Red Sox in the hunt, they may have to lower their sights for a starting pitcher.”

wait, what…why…i can accept not wanting to give lowe a five-year deal, assuming that is what it will take to get him…but to be bullied out of the bidding, because the big, bad Red Sox and Yankees are in the mix, well that’s just sad…and i hope it is not true

…as i wrote last week, the way i understand it, lowe is more concerned with the dollar amount than the years…he is far more likely to accept a four-year, $70 million deal, than he is to accept a five– or six-year deal worth less per season…the buzz around lowe suggests he would like to retire at or around his 40th birthday, and would prefer to sign with a team who has a spring training facility near his home in Florida…

According to Harper, the Mets do not expect to out-bid the Sox and Yankees for Lowe, ‘and they think Scott Boras will price Oliver Perez too high as well.

Harper reports the Mets have interest in free-agent Jon Garland, ‘and they would consider trading for Javier Vazquez.’

i like the idea of garland and vazquez being teamed up with John Maine, Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey…that is more than fine by me, especially if the Mets can trade for a set-up man and sign Francisco Rodriguez…however, while that rotation is stable, and will limit how much the bullpen will be needed, the team’s offense will need an upgrade at that point as well

…however, the buzz around garland is that he too is seeking the standard four-year, $50 million deal, so at that point i am not sure why the Mets wouldn’t just pay more per season and get lowe, regardless of who is interested in Boston and the Bronx…

Lastly, Harper believes the Mets would need to trade Ryan Church, not Aaron Heilman, to get Edwin Jackson from Tampa.