Stark says the Phillies like David Wright

In an interview with host Mike Missanelli on 97.5 FM in Philadelphia,’s Jayson Stark said:

“The Phillies like David Wright. They have talked about David Wright. Are they really going to be able to make a deal for David Wright? Are the Mets really going to deal him to the Phillies? I mean, those are big questions. But, I’ve heard David Wright’s name for some time. Whether it happens is another story. But, the Phillies like him. … It would have to be a gigantic deal. And, where are the pieces left in the Phillies system to make that deal? … It’s unlikely, but don’t ignore it, because the Phillies have talked about it.”

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel indicated after the post season that his team should seek an upgrade at third base this offseason; even though Placido Polanco will earn $6.25 million next season (in the final year of his contract).

Polanco hit .277 with 19 extra base hits and 50 RBI in 122 games last season.


Matthew Cerrone: Oh my! Oh, oh my! This might be the most ridiculous trade rumor (to be discussed in a serious manner) to ever cross this computer screen. Seriously. The rumor, as it’s being discussed on radio in Philadelphia, is Dom Brown and Vance Worley for Wright. Stark laughed at this exchange, mostly because he sees no way such talks could be so far ‘down the line.’ I laughed at it because it’s pure comedy.

This is not to say the deal isn’t fair. It’s just, I can’t imagine a world in which the Mets trade Wright this winter, let alone to the Phillies. I guess crazier things have happened; but, I have not heard anything like this outside of this limited discussion on air in Philly, when there is probably not a whole lot else to talk about on radio there.

Thanks to Adam M for the heads up on this ‘rumor.’