Standings, Beat Reports & What’s Next for the Mets

The Mets, Braves, Marlins and Nationals lost last night, while the Phillies won.

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Michael Baron, Contributor

The Astros are the worst team the game has seen since the 2004 Arizona Diamondbacks – they are 46 games under .500 at 40-86 for the year and are on pace for 111 losses. Four of those 40 wins (ten percent) have come against the Mets – Houston is 4-0 against the Mets this season and they have outscored the Mets 21-8 in those four games. What’s worse is the Mets are 0-5 this week and 2-9 this year against two teams (Astros and Rockies) who are a combined 90-160 this season. As a Met fan, I am having trouble wrapping my head around that. No disrespect intended for the Astros and Rockies, but that is embarrassing. The sad reality is the Mets are easily among the worst teams in baseball right now as well, and it’s the same old aggravating story each and every day with this team.

Throughout all the miserable moments over the last four years, this has to be the worst stretch the Mets have endured in that time. They have lost any resemblance of the team they were in the first half, and I don’t see how things could possibly improve as September approaches. And, there doesn’t seem to be any accountability for this from the players all the way up to the manager. I want to believe this failure isn’t due to a lack of effort, but even that is becoming harder and harder to believe – teams who are prepared to play don’t make the mistakes the Mets have made over the last six weeks or so.

As Terry said earlier this week, “perception is reality.”

The Mets will look to even their series against the Astros this afternoon at Citi Field when R.A. Dickey (15-4, 2.82 ERA) takes on Fernando Abad (0-0, 3.86 ERA) at 1:10 pm ET.