So, now what happens to Jose Reyes?

“Jose Reyes thinks he’s going to get Carl Crawford money,” Fred Wilpon told the New Yorker. “He’s had everything wrong with him. He won’t get it.”

In a post to his blog today for, Olney adds:

The worst thing that could happen is for Alderson to be diminished, or marginalized, and certainly Wilpon’s published comments did not help him, or the organization. At the very least, the owner has already gnawed at some of the leverage that Alderson has in shopping Reyes. Now nobody believes the Mets would actually consider keeping their shortstop.”

Also, in the Bergen Record today, Bob Klapisch says:

Reyes never has asked for Carl Crawford money from the Mets. He’s never asked for a penny yet. There have been no contract discussions between the shortstop and ownership, which means Wilpon only has managed to fray the fibers of the relationship. The Mets can forget about getting a hometown discount from Reyes this winter – and that’s assuming they have the money to negotiate in earnest.”

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