Updated: SiriusXM host say Reyes is signing with Marlins

Scott Miller of CBS Sports says, “Jose Reyes and the Marlins do not have a deal. Any other report is untrue. I’ve talked to people who know. Go back to football.”


Updated at 6:10 pm:

Matthew Cerrone (posted on Nov. 11, 2011, at 6:10 pm): The best I can gather out of people close to both teams and the player is that nothing has been decided as of yet. Now, perhaps one team is more confident than another? But, it doesn’t sound to me like anything is official. What’s more, the Mets and Reyes have not talked since Jose was free to negotiate with other teams. … and, it seems odd that his people wouldn’t at least try to wrangle in the Mets (let alone other teams) to raise the bidding, unless Jose had no interest in returning – and I DO NOT believe that is the case.

For instance, Adam Rubin of ESPN New York put it best, in a tweet from earlier tonight, saying, “Reyes WILL sign with the Miami Marlins contingent upon them offering the most money.”

I do think it’s that simple. But, the only way to know if it’s the ‘most money’ would be to know what other teams are offering, right? The way I understand it, Reyes refused to negotiate in season and was set on testing the open market. At the same time, the Mets had no interest in setting the market, despite wanting very much to re-sign him. And so, it made sense for all sides to let Reyes talk to other teams and then check back in after offers from other teams had been made.

To me, unless the Marlins have abolsutly blown Reyes out of the water with a crazy offer, I can’t see how he wouldn’t at least give the Mets (and the Tigers and Phillies) the opportunity to counter… and since the Mets and Jose’s people have not been in contact of late, it doesn’t seem realistic that Jose would sign a deal this soon. And if he does, if he signs some ludicrous, $140 million contract or something, I’m not sure it would have mattered, because I don’t think most teams (and most Mets fans for that matter) would have matched it. The thing is, like I had been saying, and like John Harper of the Daily News said last week, all signs suggest the Marlins planned to offer Reyes a three-year deal; and so, if that is actually what happened, he’d be crazy not to shop that deal around.

Nevertheless, last Friday I said how people familiar with this situation told me Jose and the Marlins hit it off and were seeing eye-to-eye on the overall dollar value of a deal.


Updated at 5:29 pm:

Marlins source tells me Jose Reyes is NOT a Miami Marlin,” team beat writer Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post has said on Twitter.


Original Post at 4:29 pm:

According to Dino Costa of SiriusXM Radio, Jose Reyes has agreed to sign with the Marlins.

However, Costa says if Hanley Ramirez agrees to move to third base, “this deal is done.”

Late last week, Jorge Sedano said a team source told him Reyes-to-the-Marlins is ‘almost a done deal.’ Sedano is a sports radio talk show host in Miami, contributor to the Miami Herald and reporter for the local CBS affiliate.

In addition, Joe Frisaro of MLB.com said on Friday that Reyes “loved” his visit with the Marlins, and that he’s comfortable with the market and wants to play in Miami.

Last week, Ramirez said he would welcome the chance to play on the same infield as Reyes.